Artists join the boycott of Israel en masse

Following Israel’s massacre in Gaza in which snipers targeted thousands of unarmed Palestinian protestors,  also attacking medics, journalists, photographers and children – a coordinated wave of  bands have publicly endorsed the cultural boycott of Israel in support of Palestinian rights, and for freedom, justice and equality.
Here are sample tweets from Wolf Alice, Portishead, Reverend and the Makers, Slaves, Peace, Circa Waves, Nadine Shah and more – starting with the response from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) who initiated the call.
Follow the hashtag #artistsforpalestine
British artists and bands can add their name to the now more than 1,300 who signed the Artists Pledge for Palestine on this site.

Appreciation from Roger Waters:

3 thoughts on “Artists join the boycott of Israel en masse

  1. Falk-Uncensored says:

    Lies, Lies and more lies.
    No evidence. No facts.
    Like lemmings running over the cliff you continue to deny the truth and lie:

    1. There are no such thing as “Palestinians”
    2. There was no massacre
    3. Those that were killed were either armed combatants or terrorists
    4. There is no such thing as apartheid in Israel.
    5. There is no UN stipulated right of return unless you mean the 800,000 Jews that were kicked out of Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordanian occupied Israel, and many other Muslim countries in 1948 and later.
    6. There is no Israeli blockade.
    7. There is an Egyptian blockade
    8. Hamas is guilty of war crimes for busing and paying people to try and break the border fence, throwing Molotov cocktails at Israelis, trying to burn down farmers fields, lobbing missiles at civilians, digging terror tunnels to try and kidnap and kill Israelis.
    9. They pollute the environment by burning thousands of tires.
    10. They destroyed their only gas line from Israel so as to lay blame on the Israelis.
    11. They refused to accept dozens of trucks laden with medical supplies

    And the beat goes on…….


  2. Zoé says:

    May merciful God open your heart & eyes Mr.’Falk Uncensored’. Notice nobody has responded to you so far. That is because people are elsewhere attempting to cope w/ this HORROR SHOW inflicted on innocent Gazan Palestinians. The truth is younger Jews with clearer eyes & hearts are seeing & feeling the truth & suffering of their Palestinian brothers & sisters. The tide is changing & they with it. We were once ONE people – as proven by our DNA & archeological evidence etc. Let us be one people again. You can either stand on the side of LOVE & PEACE honouring justice – or be left to your bitterness & hatred. It is your God given choice. That does not mean God will see it as the right choice. We are stuck together like two shells. Either we can both be broken in a fight to separate ourselves or somehow learn to live together & love each other. Please join us Sir. Our home is yours.

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