Artists for Palestine UK (APUK) is a growing network of artists and cultural workers standing together for Palestinian rights and for a just resolution for all in Israel/Palestine, including for Palestinian refugees. We launched in 2015.

(Photo credit: Dan Cohen)

Our vision
A world where everyone between the river and the sea has the right to live with dignity, freedom, justice and equality.

Our mission
Mobilising British artists and audiences in support of Palestinian rights and towards achieving freedom, equality and dignity for all people

Our values

  • We believe that those who work in the arts have a responsibility to consider the impacts of their work when engaging in a situation of radical inequality.
  • We think the arts are of particular significance where a people’s history, cultural heritage and future are under constant threat of erasure.
  • We believe that the arts have an important role to play in connecting audiences with Palestinian experiences.
  • We are a rights-based organisation that is opposed to all forms of racism and discrimination.

We work to

  • Educate and inform artists and arts organisations about the need to defend Palestinian human rights, and to ensure that the arts are not used to whitewash or to normalise injustice.
  • Coordinate topical, artist-led campaigns focused on the need to hold Israel to account for violations of international law and human rights conventions.
  • Raise awareness of the cultural dimensions of the on-going dispossession of the Palestinians.
  • Promote cultural events that foreground Palestinian artists, writers and thinkers, and their collaborations with British artists, with the aim of reaching new audiences
  • Build alliances with cultural producers and institutions in order to achieve the above.

Events and partnerships
We partner with Palestinian and British artists, producers and curators to produce cultural events, projects and discussions. Please get in touch for more information or with proposals.

* Please note that we are not in a position to fund artists. *

Comments policy
Comments to our blog are moderated. Please contribute to productive debates by keeping comments concise, focused and respectful. We do not publish comments that are off-topic, that are abusive, or that emanate from trolling campaigns.


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