Artists’ Pledge for Palestine

We support the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality. In response to the call from Palestinian artists and cultural workers for a cultural boycott of Israel, we pledge to accept neither professional invitations to Israel, nor funding, from any institutions linked to its government until it complies with international law and universal principles of human rights.

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Signatories A-Z

Updated 2021: 1,437 signatories
Please note: this list is updated irregularly; thanks for your patience!

Mark Aaron designer, artist, composer
May Abdalla documentary filmmaker
Hanan Abdalla documentary filmmaker
Khalid Abdalla actor, filmmaker
Hassan Abdulrazzak
Leo Abrahams producer
Ruba Abughaida Writer
Tom Adams Musician
Martin Adams printmaker sculptor
Beverley Adams Stack Faceless Arts
Mojisola Adebayo playwright, actor, director, producer, teacher
Olugbenga Adelekan DJ/producer
Joseph Adesunloye director
Zahra Ahmadi
Raisah Ahmed writer/director
Rizwan Ahmed actor
Mediah Ahmed playwright
Peter Ahrends architect
Hamja Ahsan artist / curator
SULAYMAN AL BASSAM playwright, director
Akkas Al-Ali director
Hanan Al-Shaykh, writer
Jane Alexander singer
Catherine Alexander director, teacher
Kirsty Alexander dance artist and curator
Clem Alford Musician
Seif Alhasani designer
Tariq Ali writer, Film / Television / Broadcaster
Amanoth Ali Artist
Mohammed Ali Visual Artist
Zulfqar Ali art consultant
Tariq Ali
Javaad Alipoor Northern Lines Artistic Director
Khyam Allami Musician/composer
Candace Allen writer
Felicity Allen actor & writer
Deniz Allport librarian story-teller
Will Alsop OBE architect
Tayo Aluko writer, actor, singer
David Ambrose storyteller, festival organiser
Chiara Ambrosio filmmaker, visual artist
Amir Amirani filmmaker
Tahmima Anam novelist
Anthony Anaxagorou poet
Adjoa Andoh actor
Ben Annesley artist
Charlotte Anstey ceramic artist
Alexander Anthony journalist
Frankie Armstrong Anti-Capitalist Roadshow singer, voice teacher
Jonathan Arndell Wales/Palestine arts link Architect/artist/curator
Kate Arnold Musician
gustavo arteaga animator/film maker
Barby Asante artist and curator
Richard Ashcroft Musician
Simon Ashdown film composer, Music producer
Oreet Ashery artist, visiting professor
Adeeb Ashfaq artist
Peter Ashlock artist, writer
Nicholas Ashworth Painter
Layla Assam Spoken word artist, singer
John (Jay) Aston Singer/Songwriter.
Kevin Atherton artist
Jean Atkin poet
Tim Atkins poet
Ed Atkins artist
Diane Atkinson writer
Anne-Marie Atkinson artist
Conrad Atkinson Emeritus Professor University of California artist
Esther Attar


Estherartnewsletter editor
Liane Aukin scripts, drama
Franko B artist
Lekan Babalola artist
John Badenhorst Director, community theatre activist
Bashar Bahlawan Artist, interior designer.
Ben Bailes lighting designer
Roy Bailey folk singer
Giles Bailey artist/lecturer
Una Baines songwriter/Musician
Richard Olatunde Baker percussion
Patrick Baladi actor
Jayne Baldwin author
Steven Ball artist, academic
Nigel Ball design lecturer
Sue Ball producer
Nadia Ballan sculptor
Alison Ballance artist
Paul Ballard WAVE poet
Debbie Ballin producer/director
Ben Ballin Theatre / Performance in Education worker
Nathalie Banaigs artist
Tom Bancroft Musician
Aida Baneres filmaker and cultural activist
Ros Barber writer
Shahidha Bari teacher
tom barker artist/actor
Chris Barlas writer/presenter
Phyllida Barlow artist
James Barrett producer
Richard Barrett composer
Neil Bartlett author and director
Jeanie Barton Musician
Hafsah Aneela Bashir Poet, spoken word artist, humanitarian, teacher
Linda Bassett actor
Noel Basualdo Flesh and Bones Life Drawing Artist and art teacher
Roy Battersby Director
Max Batty designer
Samirah Baurtally arts marketing
Maxine Beahan Lecturer
Stephen Bean photographer
Oliver Beck writer, artist
Sarah Beddington artist
Cezary Bednarski architect/designer
Saleha Begum poet
Henry Bell writer
Jono Bell Jono & The Uke Dealers singer songwriter
Alfreda Benge artist/lyricist
Emilia Benjamin Musician
Ishia Bennison actor
Paul Bennun executive, games and interactive
Dzifa Benson artist
Lina Bentley tutor
John Berger writer, artist and critic
Frances Bernstein Choir leader
Josephine Berry Slater writer and lecturer
Kavita Bhanot writer, teacher, editor
Aleksandra Bilic producer
Jade Bilton artist
Alice Birch writer
Norman Bissell writer
Brighid Black artist and writer
Joan Blackburn singer, songwriter, Musician, event organiser
Bernard Blake Musician
Kelvin Bland chartered architect
Nicholas Blincoe writer
Penni Blythe Musician
Russell Bolam director
Sean Bonney poet
Leah Borromeo journalist/filmmaker
Bette Bourne actor
Michael Bovo classical guitarist
Charlie Boyer Musician
Ian Bracegirdle Motherworks Pty. Ltd. Artist and Musician
Susan Bradburn agent and promoter
Harry Bradley Irish Traditional Musician
Paul Bradshaw curator / journalist / publisher
Andrea Brady poet, publisher and academic
Michael Bravo Magic Sufi singer/songwriter
Louis Brehony Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Musician
Lindsay Bremner Director of Architectural Research
james brennan technician
Brid Brennan actor
Haim Bresheeth filmmaker
Victoria Brittain writer
Lee Broadbent Cabbage Musician
Nicholas Broadhurst opera director
Sheena Brobbey digital designer
Jimi Brogan Magic Hatstand Artist / DJ
Scott Bronstein writer
Lez Brotherston designer
Ray Brown writer director
John William Brown artist, poet, performer, dramatist
Mark Brown Theatre / Performance critic (Scotland)
Gabriel Brox Musician
Patrick Bryan Production – Tour management
Patricia Bryden former teacher, literature/
Col Buchanan Author
Pavel Buchler artist, Research Professor in Art
Eugenie Budnik actor
Niall Buggy actor
Carrie Bulley Musician
Jess Burke Musician
Ray Burnell Artist
Mark Burnhope poet
Louis P. Burns Sensitize Ω / Upstate Renegade Productions Actor, producer and writer
Michael Burns singer song writer, Musician, composer
Ellen Burroughs artist, project coordinator, art educator
Jonathan Burrows choreographer
Margaret Busby writer, publisher
Justin Butcher playwright, director & Musician
Leo Butler Playwright
Brad Butler artist
Daniel Bye writer, performer
Patricia Byrne Sole Purpose Productions artistic director
Amelia Bywater artist
Antonia Caccia director
David Calder actor
Colin Callan sound engineer/producer
Colin Callan
Carmen Callil publisher & writer
Stuart Calton composer
Ramiro Camelo independent curator
Hazel Cameron writer
Allan Cameron author
Leigh Campbell screenwriter
frank campbell actor
Dave Campbell artist
Ray Campbell comedian, lecturer
Sophie Carapetian artist
Razanne Carmey writer and director
Hayley Carmichael actor
Ele Carpenter curator
John Carruthers tour manager / events manager
Martin Carter Lawrence Street Workshops visual artist
Anna Carteret actress
Maude Casey writer
Frank Casey Sculptor
Lucy Cash artist/filmmaker
Rob Castro Musician
Geiffrey Catchpole sp23 dj
Dean Cavanagh screenwriter
Julia Cazorla practitioner/writer
Jonathan Chadwick director, writer
Lula Chapman artist/illustrator
Bernard J Charnley Visual artist
Tchaik Chassay architect, designer
cris cheek poet
Tarik Cherkaoui music producer/dj
Anna Chetwynd architect
Danny Chivers performance poet
Martin Chomsky Writer, musician, DJ, director
Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso performer
Julie Christie actor
Ian Christie curator & cultural historian
Dominic Christie muralist
Caryl Churchill playwright
Ansell Cizic artist
Ami Clarke artist, facilitator, teacher
Felix Clary Weatherall Ross From Friends Musician
David Clinch Musician
Carmen Cochior Plescanu Writer
Jarvis Cocker Musician
Norma Cohen actor
Will Coles sculptor
Nick Collins filmmaker
David Collins artist, teacher
Chris Coltrane
Steve Conlan photographer
Patrick Connellan Theatre Designer
Kris Connolly artist
Paule Constable lighting designer
Fraser Cook artist
Dominic Cooke CBE director & playwright
Dee Coombes singer
Eliane Correa composer & pianist
George Costigan actor
Frank Cottrell Boyce writer
Terry Couchman Jambalaya Experience Musician – Guitar & Vocals
Tony Coult teacher and writer
Joseph Coward artist
Ailsa Cox writer, lecturer
Paula Cox artist/printmaker
Steve Cox Artist
Donna Coyle artist
Sacha Craddock critic, writer and curator
Jacob Crichlow singer / songwriter
Jason Cridland Dorset Eye Editor/Facilitator/Publisher
Evelyn Cromwell Artist
Felix Cross composer, writer, director
Ruth Cross Cross Collaborations artist
Tim Crouch Theatre / Performancemaker
Darren Cullen Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives artist
Greg Cullen playwright/artistic director
Keira Cullinane photographer
Liam Cunningham actor
Tracey Curtis songwriter
CyrusLo Musician
Ryan D’Souza technologist
Selma Dabbagh author
Andreas Daegelow painter, activist
Tariq Dajani photographer
Zeyad Dajani artist
Urszula Dajerling studio manager / visual director
William Dalrymple writer and historian
Dan Dan Blackett Landshapes musician
Jon Daniel designer
Jill Daniels filmmaker
Isa Darby Cynical Renegade singer, songwriter and author
Lauren Dark producer
Colin Darke artist
Michael Darlow writer and retired TV director producer
Paula Darwish vocalist, Musician, composer
Jareh Das curatorial
Rana Dasgupta author
Phil Davey author
Emma Davie director
Sam Davies Musician
Molly Davies playwright
Ross Kristian Davis Musician
Dror Dayan Filmmaker
April De Angelis playwright
Daniela De Armas artist/Musician
Josephine de Kerpel artist
Pia de Keyser actor
Teresa De Miguel artist
Hans de Winter artist
Stephanie De-Sykes artist/Musician
Barry Dean artist
Tam Dean Burn actor, vocalist, Theatre / Performancemaker
Janie Dee actor
Daniela Delerci dancer
Pucci Dellanno Musician and promoter
Ivor Dembina writer and performer
Shane Dempsey Fragments director
Anne Dennis director, writer
Natalja Derendiajeva Theatre / Performance administrator, Arcola Energy
Diana Derioz Artist/Designer
Tom Detrik Actor / Singer / Song Writer / Musician
Neil Devlin choir member
Liam Devlin Lecturer
Sam Dexter textile artist
Morag Deyes artistic director
Leena Dhingra actor, writer
Elaine di Campo Ultra Vinyl vocalist
Josephine Dickinson poet
Hope Dickson Leach writer / director
Veronica Diesen arts organiser, lecturer and writer in art theory and philosophy.
Stephen Dillane actor
Pietro DiMascio Peyoti for President Musician Composer
‘- Dizraeli rapper & Musician
Christine Dobbin artist, illustrator
Roy Dodds Musician
Audrey Doherty Casbah Cafe Community Arts performance artist & fashion designer
Eoin Donnelly artist
Phil Dooley Musician
Noel Douglas artist, designer
Corin Douieb DJ and producer
Ed Dowie performer/composer
Alison Down writer
Rod Doxon Red Ladder Theatre Artistic Director
Aidan Doyle painter
Laurence Dreyfus Phantasm Viol Consort chamber Musician
Carol Drinkwater writer/actress/filmmaker
Gary Drostle Drostle Public Arts Artist
Ted Duggan Musician
Han Duijvendak director/producer
Nicholas Duke Trojan Horse Musician
Lawrence Duke Trojan Horse Musician
Eden Duke Trojan Horse Musician
Hugh Dunkerley writer
Shahnequa Duprey actress
Samantha Dye dancer, teacher, actor
Geoff Dyer writer
Theresa Easton artist
Steven Eastwood artist-filmmaker
Houda Echouafni actor
David Edgar playwright
Essam Edriss artist
Michael Edwards LTCC writer & Musician
Corrine Edwards artist
Steve Ehrlicher arts management
Sally El Hosaini filmmaker
Aziz El Nur Music Photographer
Aser El Saqqa curator, producer, arts manager
Sara El Sheekh Actor, physical theatre and mime
Suhayla El-Bushra writer
Nancy Elan violinist
Yasmin Elderby film curator and jewellery designer
Kathryn Elkin artist
Inua Ellams artist
Lucy Ellinson actor and Theatre / Performancemaker
Esther Ruth Elliott actor
Samuel Ellis designer
Hannah Ellul artist
John England Photographer
Brian Eno composer
Kodwo Eshun The Otolith Group artist
Samir Eskanda Musician
Gregory Evans writer
Julian Evans writer
Amina Evans writer
Phil Evans FIL EVO Lyricist
Barrie Evans Musician/Technician
Stuart Evans Sordid Sound System DJ/Producer
Richard Evans Musician
Gareth Evans producer, curator
Bernardine Evaristo writer
Gavin Everall editor, publisher, writer
Allan Ewart artist, screenwriter, Music producer
Tom Faire Thomas Faire Architects architect
Teresa Fairminer Make-Up Artist
Isabelle Farah actor
Jose Farinha Photographer
Gareth Farmer teacher
Saeed Taji Farouky director
Angus Farquhar public art, creative director
Marcia Farquhar artist
John Fay writer
Yasmin Fedda Highlight Arts filmmaker, programmer
Stella Feehily playwright
Mark Fell artist
Sylvia Ferreira dance artist
Sharlaine fFncham
Matt ffytche teacher
Anisha Fields Set Designer, theatre maker
Sharlaine Fincham arts co-ordinator, teacher
Deborah Findlater Artist, filmmaker, writer
Deborah Findlay actor
Deborah Fink soprano & singing teacher
Sylvia Finzi artist
Annie Firbank actor
Bob Fish Ex DARTS Singer / Musician
Allen Fisher poet and artist
Jean Fisher artist, writer
Paul Fitzgerald DiscoKingz Producer/ musician/ vocalist
Rob Flanagan drummer
Christina Fletcher artist
Hilly Fletcher Visual artist, graphic designer
Poppy Flint designer
James Floyd actor
Mary Fogarty Writer, photographer, editor
Aminatta Forna writer
Peter Forrester musical instrument maker and researcher.
William Fowler curator
Naomi Foyle writer
Sarah Frankcom artistic director
John Frankland artist
Sylvie Franquet designer, writer, artist
Luca Zoo Franzoni Psychic Pussies Guitar slayer/drummer/actor
Olivia Fraser artist
Jane Frere artist
John Fullerton Novelist
Anna Furse Athletes of the Heart Artistic Director
fermot fynn Musician
Penny Gaff artist
Niki Gandy lecturer
Sandra Garbutt choral singer
Francesca Gardiner writer
Nina-Marie Gardner writer
Paul Garrard Visual artist
Lynn Gaspard publisher
Dick Gaughan Musician
Yolanta Gawlik artist
Yolanta Gawlik
Maggie Gee novelist
Abla George actor
Carmel George Director/Performer/Writer
Saadeh George artist
Phil Gerrard actor
Tina Gharavi Bridge + Tunnel film director / screenwriter
Carlo Gí©bler writer
Alan Gibbons author
Bob Giles architect, forrmer Vice President of RIBA
Chris Gill dancer/artist/photographer/poet
Nick Gill playwright and Musician
David Gillan Musician
Joy Gilleard artist
Julian Gillespie artist
John Gillet actor, director, teacher, writer
Tracy Gillman artist
Harry Gilonis poet
Murat Gokmen documentary filmmaker
Sally Goldsmith poet, song and script writer
Pauline Goldsmith actor, writer, director, comedian
Jonas Golland composer, drummer
Debbie Golt Broadcaster/producer/presentr
Jake Goode Other Half Productions performer/actor/workshop leader
Francis Gooding writer
Mel Gooding writer, curator and critic
Mary Gordon-Smith artist
Daniel Gorman Musician
Richard Gott writer, historian
Orlando Gough composer
Stephen Gouldin sculpture
John Graham Ontofield Musician, songwriter
Tony Graham director
John Graham Davies actor and writer
Paula Stanley Grainger painter
Ellen Graubart painter
David Gray Musician
Richard Gray rugfoot industries Photographer
Justin Greaves Crippled Black Phoenix Musician
Tony Green writer
Chris Greenwood Red Line Art Works Curator & Founder
Bonnie Greer playwright, author
Ruth Margarida Grego Vieira Artist/art therapist
Mark Gregory collector, working songs and poems
Isabel Griffin project manager/artist
Cameron Griffiths Musician, performer
Trevor Griffiths playwright
Patrizia Grilli visual artist
Roz Grimshaw teacher
Ellen Grobler Teacher
Rebecca Gross composer/singer/community Musician
Victoria Gugenheim World Award Winning Bodypainter
Duncan Gunn architect
Karin Gunnarsson artist
Rahila Gupta writer
Rose-Anne Gush writer / artist
Julius Guzy painter
salah habak LAFAMIDIESE musician
Saleem Haddad author
Fadi Haddadeen 47SOUL Artist Manager
Mark Haddon author
Tala Hadid writer/director
Hans Haenlein architect
Salim Haidrani author and teacher
Dana Hajaj Actor/writer
Clive Hambidge Artist, writer, director
Matthew Hamilton literary agent
Nathan Hamilton poet and publisher
Nicky Hamlyn artist, lecturer, writer
Lee Hammond Photographer
Kit Hammonds independent curator, senior tutor contemporary art
Robert Hampson professor and poet
Muhammad Hamzah Celt Islam Musician, artist, cultural director Association of British Muslims
William Hanna author
Sandy Harb dj
Rob Harding sculptor
Jeremy Hardy comedian
Laura Harling actress
Harry Harmer Writer
Sue Harris member of community choir
Lee Harrison Musician
Barbara Harrison director
David Harrower Writer
Judith Harry Site Gallery executive director
David Harsent poet
Douglas Hart director
Joshua Hart artist, gallery director
Hazuan Hashim Documentary Filmmaker
Graham Hastings Young Fathers vocal / production
Mona Hatoum artist
Andrew Hawkins actor/director
David Hawkins visual artist
Mark Haworth-Booth writer
Abe Hayeem Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine architect
David Hayman actor, director
Luke Hayne MONO CGI Artist, Film Maker, Song Writer, Musician
Danny Hayward writer
Jordan Hayward sound engineer
John Haywood promoter
Malcolm Hecks architect
Malcolm Hecks
John Heffernan actor
Theresa Heine writer, teacher
George Hencken filmmaker
Louis Henderson filmmaker
Sakura Henderson photographer
Janet Henfrey actor
Matthew Herbert Accidental Records Musician
Nick Hern publisher
Seíçn Hewitt poet
Joan Hewitt poet, Theatre / Performance event organiser, NE People’s Assembly
Melvyn Higson guitarist/ukulelist
Marty Hill Writer / Editor
Laurel Hill producer
Mischa Hiller writer
Nigel Hilton designer/maker
Bhavesh Hindocha Loud Minority film maker
Tess Hirst Singer
Sam Hoare actor/writer
Wieland Hoban composer
Peter Hobday actor
John Hodge architecture, artist and filmmaker
Mike Hodges film director
James Holcombe artist technician
Rick Holland poet
Rachel Holmes writer
Doug Holton Theatre / Performancemaker
Lizzie Homersham writer
Gordon Hon artist, writer.
Adrian Hornsby writer
Jacqueline Horswill visual artist
Ian Hough Musician
Liam Hourican comedian
Deryk Houston artist
Lucille Howe actor & author
Syd Howells Photographer / Musician
Bill Hoyland actor
Daniel Hubbard casting director
Leon Samson Hudson artist
Paula Hughes edit assistant
Natalie Hughes writer
Richard Hughes graffiti artist, web and graphic design
Patrick Hughes artist
Kieran Hurley playwright and Theatre / Performance maker
Waris Hussein film, television & Theatre / Performance director
Nesreen Hussein lecturer, performance maker
Richard Hutchinson sound engineer
Amanda Huxtable director
Sarah Hymas poet
Riccardo Iacono artist
mjouti iliass dancer
Ashley Inglis screenwriter
Alessio Ippolito Musician
Emma Ireland Writer/Poet
Dean Ireland Artist
Sarah Irving writer, translator
Ibrahim Ismail Poet
Rose Issa curator, producer and writer
Gemma Jackson production designer
Nick Jackson musician
Vanessa Jackson artist and Lecturer
Keith Jacobsen writer, musician
David Jacques David Jacques artist
Peter Jaeger poet
Abu Jafar Abujafar Ltd visual artist
Jari James Musician
Clemmie James project co-ordinator
Clemmie James
Paul Jamrozy Jamedia artist
Velika Janceva artist
Stephen Jeffreys playwright
Sarah Jewell Songlines Choir choir leader, composer
Rosko John vocalist/producer/DJ
Darren Johns Crazy Arm singer, guitarist, songwriter
Deniz Johns filmmaker
Val Johnson singer
Robb Johnson songwriter
Joan Johnston writer, teacher
Chris Johnston Fluxx director
Leslie Johnstone artist
Fabian Jolivet Musician & Composer
Cliff Jones writer
Vivien Jones writer & early Musician
Chris Jones DJ / Music producer
Trevor Jones composer
Alka Jones Cakehole Presley music
Isabel Jones artistic director
Tim Jones artist
Anita Jones art facilitator
Catrin Jones artist
Pete Jones Artist / Painter
Lea Jones Mixed media artist
Natasha Josette Level Ground Media Producer
Remi Kabaka consultant
Nadia Kaczmarczuk visual artist
Sohan Kailey dancer
Rita Kalnejais writer
Dafni Kalokairinou photographer
Dafni Kalokairinou
Asif Kapadia writer/director
Alec Kaplan actor,writer
Rachel Karafistan COSmino actor, director
Amalia Karlsson author
Simon Katan artist, academic
Richard Katz actor
Miriam Kavana Musician
Jackie Kay writer
Gary Kaye Musician
John Keane artist
Christine Keating Photographer
Brigid Keenan author
Patrick Keiller artist
Reem Kelani Musician and Film / Television / Broadcaster
Dennis Kelly playwright
Mark Kelly writer & performer
Dee Kelly Musician
Tricia Kelly actor
Alex Kelly artist
Mary Kelly teacher
Mercedes Kemp writer/Theatre / Performance maker
Peter Kennard artist
Francis Kennedy actor
Caroline Kennedy author
Mary Kennedy song leader
Frank Kennedy A Date With Dickens performer
Anthea Kennedy artist/filmmaker
Mel Kenyon literary agent
Margareta Kern artist
Sandra Kerr artist
Steve Kettley saxophonist / composer
Naqqash Khalid Director
Hannah Khalil writer
Mimi Khalvati writer
Shahid Khan producer (Naughty Boy)
Yasmin Khan curator
Shama Khanna curator
Bharti Kher visual artist
Peiman Khosravi musician, teacher, sound technician
Richard Kilgour artist
Richard Kilgour
Michael Kindellan researcher, teacher
Ucef Knight artist
Judith Knight producer
Mark Knoop pianist and conductor
Glen Knowler Musician
Martin Knudsen
Thorbjoern Kolbrunarson Musician
Steve Komarnyckyj translator and poet
Peter Kosminsky Stonehenge Films writer/director
Adam Kossoff Artist-Filmmaker
Ash Kotak Palestinian Arts Festival writer / curator
Irene Kotlarz Animation Producer
Kristen Kreider Kreider + O’Leary poet & architect
Frances Kruk artist
Hari Kunzru writer
Chris Lafferty Musician
Martina Laird actor
Tom Lambert The Independent Music Show Producer/Presenter/Publisher
Desmond Lambert Some Velvet Morning Musician
Bob Lamoon visual story-teller
Clare Lane teacher and artist
David Lang Musician
Diane Langford novelist
Anna Laurini Artist
Kal Lavelle Musician
Paul Laverty scriptwriter
Kay Lawrence Painter/printmaker
Steve Lawson musician, writer, academic
Pamela Lawton ceramic artist
Suzy Lee film student
Linda Lee community choir leader
Ryan Lee Musician / Writer
Nadjib Lefleurier sculptor
Malcolm Legrice film and video artist
Mike Leigh writer, director
Vincent Leleux artist
Emma Lennox writer
Tom Leonard poet
Lucy Lepchani poet, writer
Les Levidow violinist in ensembles
Marsha Levine photographer
Deborah Levy writer
Louise Lewarne filmmaker
Sylvia Libedinsky architect and designer
Robin Licker The Restarts musician
Daniel Light lighting technician
Sonja Linden playwright
Keith Lindsay-Cameron A letter a day to number 10 Writer
Francesca Lisette poet
Pippa Little poet
Phyllida Lloyd director
Gill Lloyd Director Arts Organisation
Ken Loach
Liz Lochhead playwright, National Poet of Scotland 2011-2016
Alistair Logan clarinettist
Kiko loiacono dr kiko tours ltd tour manager
Viviana Lombardi actress, director, author
Amber Lone writer
Kim Longinotto filmmaker
Lynn Loo artist
Gerry Loose poet
D. Wayne Love Alabama 3 Musician
Adam Lowe writer, publisher, performer
Lesley Luckin singer
Ed Luker poet
Ben Lunn composer, conductor and Musicologist
Victoria Lupton producer and curator
Omar Lyefook Musician
Alexis Lykiard author (poet, novelist, translator)
John Lynch Musician
Chloe Lynch musician, sound engineer
Emily Lyndon Photographer/Visual Artist
David Mabb artist
Hettie Macdonald director
James MacDonald director
Grant Macdonald designer
Sheree Mack writer
James Mackay producer & curator
Chris Mackin musician
Maeve Mackinnon Gaelic Singer
Rohan Madison artist
Lee Maelzer artist
Sean Maguire Writer & Poet
William Mahfoud Music producer
Sabrina Mahfouz writer
Abid Mahi filmmaker/actor
Jamal Mahjoub author
Anji Main Painter
Linda Maitland manager
Maitreyabandhu poet
John Maizels editor
Sulaiman Majali artist
Vincent Makowski graffiti writer, artist, graphic designer
Paul Mallon Actor
Bob Malston artist
Bidisha SK Mamata journalist, Film / Television / Broadcaster and author
Bidisha SK Mamata
Nina Mangalanayagam artist
George Mann Graphic Design Artist
Guy Mannes-Abbott writer
Jane Manning artist/academic
Miriam Margolyes actress
Jehane Markham poet
Kika Markham actor, writer
Ami Marsden sculptor
Katharine Marshall Musician
John Marshall artist
Helen Marten artist
Angela Martin editor, filmmaker, ex-teacher
Sian Martin actor, writer
Tim Martin designer/lecturer
Jan Martin Illustrator
Andrea Mason
Ahmed Masoud Al Zaytouna Dance artist, director, writer
Nariman Massoumi filmmaker and academic
Cherie Matrix bellydancer
Cherie Matrix
Mira Mattar writer
Ceri Rhys Matthews artist, musician, teacher
D W Mault filmmaker
Sophie Mayer writer
Julian Maynard Smith Station House Opera director
Judy Mazonowicz community artist, tutor
Dee Mc Loughlin Tour Manager
Andrew McAvoy architect
Simon McBurney actor, director, writer, Theatre / Performancemaker
Julie McCalden artist
Mike McCarthy Lakin McCarthy Entertainment producer
Annie McCartney playwright
Fred McCormick singer, songwriter, author
Sarah McDade artist, ceramics
Niall McDevitt Poet
David McDonald poet, writer, Music producer, events manager
Beth McDonough poet
Elizabeth McDowall writer
David McDowall writer
Amanda McDowell artist
Hugh McFadden Poetry Ireland Poet, critic and journalist
Hugh McFadden Poet
Terence McGinity actor/sculptor
Jimmy McGovern writer
Robert McGovern The Method One Songwriter / Musician
Teresa McGowan writer
Jon McGregor writer
Andy McGregor Artist, designer & director
Bryony McIntyre Organiser
Kathleen McKay writer, teacher
Paul McKee visual artist
Tom McKennan singer/songwriter
Beverley McKeown Musician
Laurence McKeown playwright
Christiane McKeown Designer/maker
Hilaire McLeish writer
Ewan McLennan folk singer
Caitlin McLeod Theatre / Performance director
Ian McNabb The Icicle Works Musician.
Hilton McRae artist
jd meatyard singer, songwriter musician.
Pauline Melville writer
Qalandar Memon Naked Punch Review editor
Noe Mendelle Scottish Documentary Institute producer
Peter Mennim artist
David Mercatali director
James Merry assistant
Iain Michael Theatre / Performance technician
Simon Michalak Lighting Designer/Production Manager
Roger Michell Theatre / Performance, TV and film director
China Mií©ville writer
Sam Millar author
Sam Millar
Jill Miller Writer/poet/performer
Robert Miller technician
Jonathan Miller director
Anthony Mills Theatre / Performance technician
Russell Mills artist
John Mingay Poet/playwright
Liz Miranda Artist and teacher
Karen Mirza No-w-here artist
Mitch Mitchell The Wild Angels bass player, vocalist
Toby Mitchell writer/director
Giuliano Modarelli Kefaya Musician, composer
Carel Moiseiwitsch visual artist
Lawrence Molloy The Superposition artist, arts technician, event organiser
Christopher Moncrieff
Nina Moniri actor
Bees Monk Bees aka BMONK Writer, Musician
Grazyna Monvid actor, writer, director
Robert Moon visual artist
Stephen Mooney poet and teacher
john mooney musician
Hubert Moore
Mary Moore set and costume designer
Christopher Morahan, CBE director and executive producer
Aron Morel Morel Books publisher
Jenny Morgan director
Ray Morgan painter.
Vigx Morí« Cromasomos Music, Painting, Research
Carol Morley director
Sara Moroza-James writer
Fiona Morris executive producer
Richard Morris actor/author/playwright
Darrell Morris photographer
Alan Morrison poet, writer
Michael Mould performer/director
Patricia Mulholland artist
Laura Mulvey Birkbeck College filmmaker and professor of film
Peter Mumford lighting designer
Jonathan Munby director
Lora Murphy artist , Theatre / Performance design
Gareth Murphy
Sean Murray Centre for Documentary Research Director
Sai Murray poet, designer, facilitator
John Murray architect
Caroline Murtagh painter
Haldun Musazlioglu comedian
Linda Mutawi producer
Larion Myakicheff artist
Tom Mycock the Splitters Musician
Simon Mylius Feeding the Fish director
Daniel Naddafy actor
Rayna Nadeem filmmaker
Nadia Nadif actor, producer
Sara Naim artist
Paddy Nash Musician
Orson Nava director
Pablo Navarette journalist, filmmaker
Anthony Neilson writer/director
Helena Nelson HappenStance Press publisher and poet
Daniel Neofetou writer & editor
Esther Neslen artist
Judy Neunuebel artist
Patrick Neville Dialogue Productions actor
Courttia Newland writer
Courttia Newland
Kriss Nichol Booktown Writers author and drummer
Marilyn Nicholson painter
Ken Nicol Musician / guitarist / songwriter / performer
Janie Nicoll artist
Matthew Noel-Tod artist, filmmaker
Christopher Norris philosopher, poet, lecturer, singer (Cor Cochion Caerdydd)
David Owen Norris Musician
Barney Norris writer
Lizzie Nunnery playwright, song writer, singer
Norris Nuvo Artist and Writer
catherine o;dowd artist
Treasa O’Brien film director
Rebecca O’Brien
Shivaun O’Casey Director of the Sean O’Casey Estate
Francis O’Connor Theatre / Performance designer
Gary O’Dea Gojo’ Music Songwriter / musician
Eugene O’Hare Actor & Writer
Louise O’Hare curator/publisher
Deirdre O’Neill Inside Film filmmaker/educator
Joseph O’Neill artist
Andrew Oäó»Hagan writer
Pascal Oäó»Loughlin Writer
Kirsty Ogg director
Earl Okin Musician
Janice Okoh playwright
Abby Oliveiraz writer/performer
Caleb Oluwafemi poet
Aisha Orazbayeva musician
Lucy Orchard Artist and Art Psychotherapist
Gill Ord artist
Uriel Orlow artist, academic
Joanna Ornowska Photographer
Sean Orr artist
Saif Osmani Visual Artist
Sharon Dodua Otoo writer & editor
James Ottley Writer, Poet
April Owens Pebble Design artist
Ian Pace pianist
Maysoon Pachachi filmmaker
Jeremy Page writer, teacher
Georgina Paget producer
Tom Paine filmmaker
Maria Palacios Cruz curator & lecturer
Eddie Palladio set artist, writer & guitarist
Claire Palmer International Times Magazine artist/editor
Kate Parker City Projects Producer
Kate Parkin publisher
Pratibha Parmar film writer & director
Robin Parmar composer
Alun Parry singer and songwriter
Rebecca Patenon writer
Harry Paterson author and journalist
Ian Patterson Poet
Andy Patterson Musician, songwriter, engineer
Maxine Peake actor
Eve Pearce artist
Jason Pearce artist
Edgar Peltenburg art historian
Alexander Penley Penley Global Law solicitor for artists
Miranda Pennell artist/filmmaker
Follett Pennell Musician
Laurie Penny author
Ian Pepper artist
Jeff Perks artist and filmmaker
Brendan Perry Dead Can Dance Singer/Composer/Performer
Holly Pester artist
Jeremy Peyton Jones Regular Music II composer, artistic director
Annie Pfingst artist
Steve Philbey visual artist – subvertiser
Christine Physick artist
Andy Picci painter, video maker, Musician, actor, writer
Francisca Picon actor
Steph Pike poet
Winsome Pinnock writer
David Pinto musician
Scoobius Pip Musician
Virginia Pitts filmmaker, lecturer
Nancy Platt docmentary director, teacher
Alison Playford actor and writer
Vanda Playford artist and doctor
Olivia Plender artist
John Pole songwriter
Alison Poltock arts director
Ben Ponton :zoviet*france: Musician, composer
Erika Poole artist
Tabitha Pope architect
Olumide Popoola author
Daniel Potter Musician
Tim Pottier orchestrator
Steve Pottinger poet
Jon Povey The Pretty Things Muscian
Jimmy Powdrell Campbell writer and composer
Audrey Powell Music festival organiser
Jeremy Poynting Peepal Tree Press editor and publisher
Heleyni Pratley HELEYNI Performance Artist
Lucy Prebble writer
Richard Price writer
Judy Price artist
Iris Priest artist, artist’s assistant, essayist
Charlotte Prodger artist
Sunil Puri drama teacher
Rose Quinn Writer
Clare Quinn Theatre / Performancemaker
Aun Qurashi architect
William Raban artist-filmmaker
Virginia Radcliffe artistic director, playwright
Michael Radford film director and screenwriter
ian rae Ceilidhmor Musician/retired social worker
Maha Rahwanji presenter
Gabi Rajchel dancer & tutor
Ravinder Randhawa author
Nigel Randsley Producer
Mark Ravenhill playwright
Tom Raworth poet, graphic artist
Carmen Rayavargas painter
Eddi Reader MBE singer/songwriter/Musician
Siobhan Redmond actor
John Rees writer, Film / Television / Broadcaster
Sarah Rees Singer
Sian Rees performer
Natasha Rees artist, writer
Chris Reeves Platform Films camera/sound/editing/directing
Petra Regent printmaker and photograher
TJ Rehmi Composer and Music Producer
Lynne Reid Banks children’s novelist
Hugh Reilly author
Christian Reilly Musical comedian
Lotte Reimer CíÇr Gobaith chorister
Lotte Reimer
Dave Rendle poet
Katie Revell Peach Club Musician
bruce Reynolds Musician
Ali Rhind artist
Matthew Richards Matt Richards Audio Audio technician
Patricia Richards chorister
Sam Richards Musician and teacher
gary richards Actor
Guy Richardson composer
Ian Rickson director
Keith Ridgway writer
Frances Rifkin Utopia Arts Director
Cath Rigler Freelance creative education, performance and outdoor learning facilitator
Robin Rimbaud composer
Bill Risebero teacher. writer, actor
Alison Ritchie production manager
Ben Rivers Theatre / Performance director
Ben Rivers artist/filmmaker
Philip Roberts drama teacher
mandy roberts visual and performance artist
Eliza Robertson writer
Douglas Robertson photographer
Ray Robinson Writer
Anna Robinson Poet
Crispin Robinson Musician, teacher
Pablo Robledo documentary-maker, cultural writer
Geno Rodriguez The Alternative Museum Director/Curator and visual artist
Janice Rodriguez Designer
Jenny Rodwell artist
David Roger Production Designer
Nick Rogers writer
Barnaby Rogerson writer & publisher
Jacqueline Rose writer
Steve Rose Secretly Canadian project manager, record label
Alison Rose teacher
Michael Rosen writer, professor
Leon Rosselson songwriter/children’s author
Jane Rossiter-Smith writer
Lee Rourke novelist
Paul Rowan Musician
Paul Rowan Musician
Hazel Roy Artists for peace Theatre / Performance director
Tara Rudder The Free Spirits Musician
David Rushmer writer
Fiona Russell writer
Janet Russell singer, performer, teacher
Tom Rust Singer
Kate Rutter Actor
Mark Rylance actor
Angelica Sagar The Otolith Group
Sayeed Sakhi TERA Actor
Yara Salahiddeen singer
Minna Salami writer, blogger, African popular culture
Martin Saleh Photographer
John Salway singer, actor, writer
Kareem Samara artist, Musician
Andrew Sames artist, ceramisist, teacher/technician
Miriam Sampaio Artist
Kevin Sanders sound artist
Anne Marie Sanguigni CHARMPIT musician
Leila Sansour filmmaker
Leo Santos-shaw Artist, designer, lecturer
linda sarah author, artist, poet, musician
Stephanie Saulter writer
Dominic Saunders pianist
Camilla Saunders Musician, composer
Ian Saville performer
Alexei Sayle comedian, author, actor
Prunella Scales actor/director
Alke Schmidt artist
Stanley Schtinter filmmaker, curator
Grace Schwindt artist
Grace Schwindt
Matthew Scott The London Magazine editor
Jim Scott poet, author
Mary Scott choir member
Matt Scott composer
David Scott Music producer + Sound Engineer in Jordan + Palestine
Julia Scott Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) artist
Jennie Scott artist
Andrew Scrogham brave timbers musician
Pauline Scutt visual artist
Helen Sear artist
Peggy Seeger Musician, teacher
Colin Sell artist, composer, teacher
Seni Seneviratne poet
Kadija Sesay (George) publisher and writer
Jasleen Sethi Director
Nick Seymour Crowded House Musician
Sara Shaarawi playwright
Sara Shaarawi
Nabil Shaban actor, editor, author, film maker, artist
Julie Shackson artist
Mim Shaikh Film / Television / Broadcast presenter
Khaldoun Shami filmmaker & lecturer
Kamila Shamsie writer
Roger Shanahan interior designer
Yasmin Shariff DSA architect
Andrew Sharpley artist / musician
Gary Shaw Comedian, compere
Farhana Sheikh Writer
Joss Sheldon Author
Anna Sherbany artist
Rachael Sherbourne 80 Stepney road digital artist
Anouche Sherman poet, multimedia artist
Guy Sherwin film artist/performer and teacher
Adrian Sherwood Onu Sound records limited producer
Eryl Shields writer
Keith Shilson The Tribunes Singer/songwriter/musician
Kevin Shimwell actor
Natti shiner Fickle friends Musician
John Shrapnel actor
Christopher Shutt sound designer
Sigmatron dj/sound creator
Corinne Silva artist
Cate Simmons artist
Cate Simmons
Vannessa Simon singer/songwriter
Andy Simons Musician, archivist
Nicky Singer writer
Tanya Singh writer, artist
Niroshan Sirisena Musician/Promoter/Activist
Eyal Sivan filmmaker
Pam Skelton artist
Poppie Skold filmmaker
Gillian Slovo writer
Alicia Smedberg writer
Edgar Smith Writer
copland smith writer
Calum Smith Calum Smith Musician
Mick Smith Musician, playwright, producer.
Les Smith playwright
John Smith artist filmmaker
Amy Smith artist
Patricia Smith retired
Charlotte Smith Artist
Michael Smith artist
Cherry Smyth writer
Deniz Soezen artist
Samuel Solomon poet/critic
Gabriel Sotiry Musician, sound engineer
Ahdaf Soueif writer
Abbie Spallen playwright
Ian Spink choreographer, director
Isabel Spurgeon Musician
Patrick Staff artist/choreographer
Max Stafford-Clark director
Siobhan Stamp teacher
Susannah Stark artist
Michael Start The House of Automata artist and craftsman
Danny Stead Musician
Maggie Steed actor
Val Stein singer/songwriter
Amanda Stekly production designer
Protest Stencil Subvertiser
Polly Stenham playwright
Simon Stephens playwright
Gary Stevens artist
Liz Stirling artist
Jennie Stoller actor
Susannah Stone historical researcher/archivist
Degna Stone poet
Penny Stone Musician and Teacher
Del Strain Del Strain Comedy comedian-writer-Film / Television / Broadcaster
Holly Strain Gremmu Digital Artist
Em Strang poet & teacher
Jack Strange artist
Sarah Streatfeild violin
Paul Stroud composer
Dacia Stroud sculpture
Jenni Stuart-Anderson designer/maker
Paul Summers Writer
Alia Syed artist/filmmaker
Soraya Syed Sanders lettering artist
Michael Szpakowski Artist and writer
Mitra Tabrizian artist
Rebecca Tamas UEA poet
Stefan Tarnowski writer and curator
Olly Taylor designer
Kate Tempest Musician/poet
Julien Temple film director
El Teneen street artist
Mizan The Poet Spoken Word Artist
Subash Thebe Central Saint Martins artist
Chris Thomas director
Mark Thomas comic, writer, political activist
Wisty Thomas poet
Cyril Thomas production manager
Patrick Thomas musician
Flora Thomas Photographer
Norma Thompson community arts development
Carolyn Thompson painter/drawer
Dan Thompson Dan Thompson Studio Artist
Cathie Thomson agent
David Thorpe actor
Steve Tiller OperaMachine artistic director
Francesca Timbers Artist
Maija Timonen artist, writer
Cara Tolmie artist / Musician
Nikki Tomlinson artist and artists’ advisor & producer
Rona Topaz Singer/actress/choir leader
Ghost Town Gorilla Warefare Technician
Tony Trehy Poet
Christine Tremarco Actor
Di Trevis director
Cressida Trew filmmaker
Zane Trow Sonic Artist, Animateur.
Shelby Tucker author
Georgia Turnbull Writer
simon fisher turner composer/ musician
Sarah Turner Director of Research, Curriculum Lead, Fine Art
Jo Tyabji Theatre / Performance maker
Simon Tyszko theculture artist /Film / Television /
Mozibur Ullah Poet (struggling)
Kate Unwin designer
Marion Urch author
Sheila Urquhart choir member
Esteban Uyarra director-editor
Pauline van Mourik Broekman editor, artist
Ryan Van Winkle poet
Vanessa Vasic-Janekovic artist
Robert Vesty Performer & Educator
Francesca Viceconti artist
Maria Vigar writer
Roxana Vilk artist
Cat Villiers filmmaker
Andi Vincent Composer & Civil Rights Activist
Fan Viner Hallucinating Angels Theatre director
Marina Vishmidt writer and lecturer
Tom Vowler writer
Laura Wade playwright
James Wafer designer
Mirza Waheed writer
Gail Waldman architect (retired)
Naomi Wallace playwright
Timothy Wallace-Murphy Author/historian
norman walshe concept artist
Harriet Walter actor
Lena Walton Writer
Christian Wangler retired sound recordist, documentary filmmaker
Chris Ward artist and composer
David Ward composer
Cathy Ward artist
Martyn Ware Musician
Marina Warner writer
Ali Warner singer & voiceworker
Mark Warren zoviet*france sound designer
Roger Waters Musician
James Waters Artist and Graphic Designer
Paul Watson documentary director, writer, artist, teacher
Ness watson tattoo artist
Jem Watts performer
Paul Wearing ceramicist
Mandy Webb artist
Duncan Wells Musician
Jeremy Welsh artist
Samuel West actor and director
Hilary Westlake
Boff Whalley guitarist, singer, author
Ruth Wharton printmaker
Ben White writer and journalist
Tony White writer
Rhiannon White Common Wealth director
Andy Whitehouse promoter and Musician
Katy Whittle cellist
Ian Wiblin photographer, artist film-maker
Andrew Wigglesworth Folk muscian
Lillian Wilkie artist, teacher
Stephen Willey poet
Dmarcus Williams editor
Roy Williams artist
Melanie Williams artist & teacher
David Williams artist
Annalie Wilson artist
Kevin Wilson Kynchinlay Artist
Esther Wilson writer
Eilidh Wilson artist
Mark Winn teacher
Devra Wiseman artist
Nathan Witt artist
Paul Wolinski 65daysofstatic Musician
River Wolton writer
Matthew Wood Telegram musician
Robert Wood Vel Curve Music Producer
Neil Wood Sculptor
Vincent Woodcock tutor, cartoonist, animator.
Penny Woolcock writer/director
Susan Wooldridge actor and writer
Ben Woolford producer
Earnest Worthing writer
Simon Worthington editor
Andy Worthington author, journalist
Terry Wragg director
Ann Wright Translator/subtitler
Chris Wright Lyric writer, children’s author, author.
Callum Wright D/R/U/G/S DJ
Nicholas Wright playwright
Alexa Wright artist
Fife Writes Fife Writes arts promoter
Robert Wyatt artist
Michael Wynne playwright
Carolyn Yates literature development and writer
Jeff Young writer
Reynaldo Young composer, teacher
Emily Young artist
Somaye Zadeh singer/Musician
Matthew Zajac actor, writer
Rehana Zaman artist
Sameena Zehra comedian, storyteller
Mona Zeidan community Musician
Benjamin Zephaniah poet, novelist, Musician
Rafeef Ziadah performance poet
Andrea Zimmerman artist
Silvia Ziranek artist

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